Fernando Alonso fires fresh shot at Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso has fired yet another shot at Lewis Hamilton after the Brit blocked the Spaniard at the US Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso has made his thoughts clear on Lewis Hamilton over the radio once again, with the Spaniard unhappy with the seven-time world champion’s antics on track.

Fans may cast their minds back a few weeks to the Belgium Grand Prix when Hamilton attempted an ambitious move on Alonso, launching himself up into the air, and furthermore out of the race.

Alonso responded to this incident in typical fashion, with a radio message, telling his team that Hamilton is an idiot and that the seven-time world champion only knows how to drive when he starts in first place.

The Spaniard quickly apologised for his comments but once again sparks have flown between the two after the Brit seemingly blocked Alonso in a practice session this weekend.

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“Hamilton has no mirrors today,” Alonso told his team over the radio.

Whilst Hamilton did seemingly impede the two-time world champion, Alonso’s comments should be taken with a pinch of salt, with the Spaniard gaining a reputation for heated radio messages either about his car or other drivers.

When questioned about his previous comments about Hamilton, Alonso agreed with claims that sometimes the heat of battle gets the better of him.

“The heat of the moment and the adrenaline of the moment, made me sat those comments that I should not say.

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“I have huge respect,” he said in reference to the Spa incident.

Coming into qualifying, Fernando Alonso clocked the sixth fastest time in FP3, within nine tenths of leader Carlos Sainz.

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This further puts into question his decision to move teams next season, with Alonso seeming finding pace in what has proved to be a very quick Alpine.

Alonso will be joining Aston Martin for next season, who sit seventh in the constructors’ standings, compared to his current employers Alpine, who sit in fourth.

The French team will be hoping for a positive result this weekend to try and create a larger gap to fourth place McLaren going in to the tail end of the season, with the ‘best of the rest’ title, excluding Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull bringing difference making prize money going into the 2023 season.