Fernando Alonso backs Lance Stroll

Fernando Alonso has stood by Lance Stroll amid the Canadian’s struggles at the team.

Formula 1 veteran Fernando Alonso has stepped forward to defend his Aston Martin teammate, Lance Stroll, amid the Canadian driver’s ongoing struggles in the sport. 

Stroll’s current form has left him facing significant challenges, while Alonso continues to fight at the front of the field, competing against the likes of McLaren, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

The points table for Aston Martin could have looked more favourable this season if Stroll had managed to achieve more consistent results, particularly when compared to Alonso’s performances. 

Unfortunately, that has not been the case, with Stroll encountering a string of disappointing results. 

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Moreover, an incident involving a reported altercation with his personal trainer during the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix weekend further complicated his situation and public perception.

Despite the difficulties Stroll is facing, Alonso offered a supportive perspective during a press conference in Austin before the 2023 United States Grand Prix. 

He highlighted the collaborative effort within the team to assist Stroll in finding his rhythm and regaining his confidence.

Alonso remarked, “We are all helping him and [I am] trying to do my best where if I find something in the car and feel more comfortable [I can share]. 

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“We are in the same room for debriefs, and I’m trying to remember what could be a help in the past with set up or whatever.”

The two drivers, Alonso and Stroll, are actively engaged in working closely together, aiming to achieve the best possible results for their team and contribute points for Aston Martin. 

“Alonso firmly believes that Stroll’s challenges are not indicative of a lack of speed and pace, but rather a series of unfortunate situations that have affected his confidence.

Alonso added, “We are working close together to find the best result for the team and to score points with both cars. 

“I think he’s been extremely unlucky in some situations. 

“I don’t think the speed and pace is that far away when things are normal.”

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Drawing a comparison to other sports, Alonso likened Stroll’s situation to that of a football team facing victories and defeats. 

He explained, “All this is just hitting his confidence, it’s like in football when you win matches everything goes perfect, and when you lose, you get stressed. 

“We need a clean weekend, and hopefully, this one is just the starting point.”