F1 world pays tribute to Red Bull owner

Figures within the sport have given emotional tributes to the late Red Bull owner.

Dieterich Mateschitz was the driving force behind all of Red Bull’s success since the team joined Formula 1.

Mateschitz bought Jaguar Racing and Minardi, renaming them Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, and taking the former to the pinnacle of the sport, winning multiple drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

The team owner tragically passed away this week, with F1 boss Stefano Domenicali releasing the following statement about the late Austrian.

“I am deeply saddened by the news that Dietrich Mateschitz, a hugely respected and much-loved member of the Formula One family has passed away,” he said.

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“He was an incredibly visionary entrepreneur and a man who helped to transform our sport and created the Red Bull brand that is known all around the world.”

Every member of the Red Bull team was called in for a serious meeting this weekend, with many speculating that it would be about the FIA’s agreement with the team about their budget cap breach, however Martin Brundle has revealed the true purpose of the gathering.

“It looks incredibly serious,” he said.

“They all went into the garage, including Max Verstappen and Arian Newey, every team member.

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“They then came out en masse and have gone back into the hospitality area. People that would normally talk to us, give us a heads up, don’t want to talk to us,” Brundle told viewers at the time.

It was later revealed on Sky Sports F1 by Brundle that the meeting was in fact to inform the team of the tragic news, with the Austrian having been unwell for a period of time prior to his passing.

Team principal Christian Horner spoke some emotional words about Mateschitz, praising him for his impact on Formula 1.

“Look, it’s very sad,” he began.

“What a great man. He’s few of a kind, what he achieved and what he’s done for so many people around the world across different sports.

“He is second to none. So many of us have to be so grateful to him for the opportunities that he’s provided, the vision he had, the strength of character and never being afraid to chase your dreams,” Horner continued.

“That’s what he did here in Formula 1, proving that you can make a difference.

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“We are just incredibly grateful for him.”

This was a touching tribute from Christian Horner, who was visibly distressed by the news.

Red Bull will be looking to add another constructors’ championship to their cabinet this season, in honour of their late owner.