F1 threatens FIA breakaway over Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s actions

F1 and the FIA have been at loggerheads over several incidents, as recently as Tuesday.

Formula 1 have once again threatened to breakaway from the FIA, as president of the governing body Mohammed Ben Sulayem is continuing to have direct involvement with the sport.

Despite tensions between the two organisations having simmered, fresh claims have been made that the pinnacle of motorsport is growing frustrated with the FIA yet again.

F1’s annoyance is over Ben Sulayem continuing to get involved in the sport, something which has been viewed by F1 bosses as “detrimental to the sport”, according to BBC Sport.

As well as that, F1 teams are growing frustrated with the FIA president, as they’ve “viewed a series of incidents in recent months as having a direct link to Ben Sulayem”.

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Just in the latter stages of the season, Lewis Hamilton was re-investigated for crossing the track at the Qatar Grand Prix whilst the circuit was live, something he sincerely apologised for at the time.

The seven-time World Champion crossing the circuit was re-investigated due to him being viewed as a role model, raising concerns that the FIA were purposefully singling out the Mercedes driver.

Toto Wolff and Frederic Vasseur being summoned by the governing body in Abu Dhabi for swearing during a press conference in Las Vegas is another incident which has caused tension.

Ben Sulayem had insisted ahead of the 2023 season that he’d take a step back from F1, yet he’s seemingly having an increasing large presence once again.

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As a result, the BBC were informed by “a number of sources” at the season finale in Abu Dhabi that talks of F1 breaking away from the FIA will likely take place if Ben Sulayem’s continues to act in the same way.

Even since the conclusion of the 2021 season, F1 and the FIA have already had words, after a shocking statement was released by the governing body on Tuesday.

Without informing F1 or Mercedes, the FIA released a statement regarding allegations made on social media, regarding Susie Wolff and Toto.

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It’s been speculated on social media that the Mercedes team principal has been receiving secret information from his wife, who is the managing director of F1 Academy.

She released a statement on Tuesday denying all allegations made by the FIA and hit out at the blatant misogyny.

Both F1 and Mercedes have shared their support of Susie, with the timing of the statement having come just a day before her 41st birthday.