F1 team hits out at Martin Brundle for disrespecting Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne refused to speak to Martin Brundle ahead of the 2023 British Grand Prix last Sunday.

Alfa Romeo have jumped to the defence of supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne, after she was at the centre of a social media storm ahead of the British Grand Prix on Sunday.

Delevingne had been in attendance at the Silverstone International Circuit and was accompanied by an employee of the Hinwil-based team on the grid, when she was approached for a quick interview.

Ex-Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports F1 pundit Martin Brundle had been informed via his earpiece seemingly that Delevingne was on the grid, during his famous grid walk.

Brundle has carried out his pre-race grid walks for several years, with them often causing some controversy.

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Sunday was no different, as Brundle was refused an interview by the Suicide Squad star.

Brundle approached Delevingne for an interview but was informed by the Alfa Romeo employee that she wasn’t going to speak, something which puzzled the pundit.

Brundle insisted that everybody on the grid has to speak; however, Delevingne was having none of it.

She ultimately said that she couldn’t hear what Brundle was saying, before Brundle cheekily laughed and walked away.

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Whilst walking away from Delevingne though, Brundle said: “I’m sure that would have been extremely interesting.”

Social media almost instantly became full of comments slamming the supermodel for blanking Brundle, before she took to Twitter herself to address the situation.

She revealed that an “F1 representative” informed her not to speak to the media, whilst it wasn’t confirmed whether this was someone from F1 itself or Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo also jumped to the defence of their guest, following a comment made by a social media user.

The Swiss team posted a video of Delevingne to Twitter, which was instantly commented on by people slamming her for ignoring Brundle.

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One fan, @Natasp_V12 commented: “It’s a shame that she was so rude to martin brundle…who even is she?”

Alfa Romeo savagely replied to the fan and criticised Brundle for putting Delevingne in an “uncomfortable situation”.

“Respect goes both ways,” Alfa Romeo said via their Twitter account. “Nobody should be placed in an uncomfortable situation or forced to do things against their will.”