F1 podcast in hot water after outrageous comment

Juan Manuel Correa is competing full-time in F2 this season, the first time he's done so since the crash that killed Anthoine Hubert.

The Pitstop podcast is certainly one that has caused plenty of controversy since it started, with the podcast essentially consisting of two ‘F1 fans’ who have started watching the sport since ‘Drive to Survive’.

The podcast, which is hosted by Jake Boys and Fabio Bocca, was initially described as a journey to the duo learning all about the sport, something they did demonstrate at the start.

The pair were known prior to the podcast and already boasted a strong social media presence, something which helped the podcast to gain a sizeable audience.

They have been honest about how little they know about the sport and remarkably weren’t aware initially that Sebastian Vettel had driven for Red Bull, let alone the fact he claimed four titles for them.

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As a result, they have faced plenty of criticism in the last 12 months for having their platform despite knowing so little, with some notable F1 figures having defended the podcast’s hosts.

They’ve interviewed several F1 and junior category drivers and have had some unbelievable motorsport-related opportunities, again, despite knowing next to nothing about Formula 1.

Their obliviousness to certain topics was on display following a recent appearance on the Screaming Meals podcast, which is hosted by a few racing drivers.

F2 driver Juan Manuel Correa was also a guest on the same episode, with many having become angry at how the Pitstop boys spoke to the remarkable man.

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Correa, of course, played a huge role in the horrifying crash which took Anthoine Hubert from the world, with it having been him who crashed into Hubert’s stricken car.

Whilst Correa survived, he was initially in a coma before effectively having to learn how to walk again, before miraculously making his return to racing.

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Correa worked unbelievably hard to make his return possible, to the pleasure of the racing community.

The Pitstop boys openly admitted to Correa that they didn’t know who he was, before Fabio gave his opinion to drivers that: “No one gives a fuck about your racing, no one really cares about where you finish in the championship.”

Several other outrageous comments were made, with the motorsport community having since worked together to destroy their rating on Spotify, which on Friday had dropped to 3.2/5.