‘F1 is a zoo’: Max Verstappen to retire sooner than expected

Max Verstappen has teased that he might not sign a new contract once his current deal with Red Bull expires, hinting at an early retirement from Formula 1.

Double World Champion Max Verstappen is tipped to retire from Formula 1 once his current deal expires at the end of 2028, by at which point he’ll be just 31 years old.

In F1 nowadays, 31 is no age at all, given that the likes of Fernando Alonso will potentially be in the sport until he’s 44 years old.

Verstappen has hinted, though, that he might decide to call it a day once his lucrative deal with Red Bull expires, with the 25-year-old being keen to race elsewhere.

He is already a sim-racing fanatic and is reportedly eager to try endurance racing, an avenue that Alonso explored during his two-year F1 hiatus.

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Should Verstappen really retire from F1 at the end of 2028, then he could leave the pinnacle of motorsport as an unprecedented eight-time World Champion, if he retains his championship for the next six seasons.

Stats and facts aren’t something that particularly bother the Dutchman, though, which would further suggest that he might feel no need to remain in the sport beyond 2028, given he’s already achieved everything he can in the championship.

By retiring at 31 years old, Verstappen would have plenty of time to race in other championships, something that many fans would love to see.

GPFans actually carried out a poll to see what their readers thought, with the site asking their audience ‘Could Max Verstappen really call time on F1 early?’.

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76-percent believe he will leave F1 at the end of 2028, with one user having explained that Verstappen is “not just F1 minded”.

Social media user ‘Howzat’ wrote: “I wouldn’t be surprised. Max loves racing and has interests in other classes and series and he’s not just F1 minded from what he’s said, which is a refreshing change.

“He likes the driving and is less focused on the other stuff like image and other F1-ey stuff.

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“I’m sure many will have their fingers firmly crossed and knuckles white at the thought too!”

AlBaars420 added: “Max doesn’t need to make another cent in his life. I can see him racing in other classes of motor racing. F1 is a zoo.”

Verstappen retiring from F1 would likely result in another changing of the guard both in the sport and at Red Bull, meaning that a lot seemingly depends on what the imperious Dutchman decides to do next.