Ex-F1 champion smashes Guinness World Record set by Iranian

BATAK light reaction machines are commonly used by Formula 1 drivers to improve their reactions and hand-eye coordination.

2009 Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button is officially a Guinness World Record holder, after smashing the record for most lights pressed during the BATAK reflex reaction test.

The retired F1 driver managed to tap 58 lights in 30 seconds, which saw him beat the previous record by two lights.

The record had been held by Arshia Shahriari from Iran, who struck the board 56 times during his successful attempt.

Button actually achieved the same score as Shahriari in 2003 at the start of his F1 career; however, that was an unofficial attempt at the record.

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The BATAK reflex reaction test is designed to test someone’s reactions, hand-eye coordination and stamina, with lights on the board appearing for an incredibly short period of time, with the goal being to hit as many lights as possible.

Interestingly, Button often had a BATAK machine in his garage whilst racing, with the former Brawn GP driver having certainly not lost his lightning fast reactions.

Reflecting on his successful world record attempt, Button hailed is achievement as “awesome”, with the Brit having explained how incredible the atmosphere was whilst he was attempting to break the record.

“[In 2003] I actually did 56 in 30 seconds but I didn’t have the Guinness World Record,” Button told Metro Sport via NOW.

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“But that was in my twenties, so when the guys said, “Did you want to try and break your record”, I said, “Well I can try but it might be rather embarrassing because I’m 43”.

“But no, I did it! 58! I’m chuffed actually because whether it’s winning an F1 race or breaking a BATAK world record, it’s all awesome because it means you’ve done better than anybody else.

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“So it’s a massive high, massive adrenaline. When I did it, everyone was celebrating wildly. Normally in an F1 car you can’t hear cheering so that was really cool.

“My friend James said, “Jenson, I think that’s the best thing you’ve ever done!”. I think he might have been in the moment but thank you!”

Button will perhaps be hoping that nobody is going to break his record anytime soon, allowing him to enjoy the sensation of being a World Champion once again!