‘Every team knows how to stop it immediately’: McLaren boss unsure if FIA should intervene after Hamilton back pain

Andreas Seidl wants a solution to the ongoing porpoising issue to be discussed at the next Technical Advisory Committee.

Porpoising was once again the main story at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, after a number of drivers revealed the back pain suffered from the sheer aggressiveness of the bouncing.

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes something needs to be done, with Sir Lewis Hamilton struggling to climb out of his W13 post race.

Despite McLaren being one of the teams to have somewhat solved the issue, Seidl still thinks something needs to change.

Daniel Ricciardo explained after the race how he felt like a “basketball”, after bouncing so low to the ground.

George Russell and Pierre Gasly also both spoke out over the problem, with the pair labelling it “unhealthy”.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner, however, is a lot less sympathetic over the matter and believes it’s down to the teams to fix, not the FIA.

Red Bull Racing are the only side to suffer from zero porpoising, giving them a sizeable advantage.

Seidl on the other hand thinks it’s important for the matter to be discussed, especially after Gasly revealed that the bouncing causes the car to “steer itself” down the straights.

“It is a fair point that the drivers mention,” Seidl agreed.

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“I am sure we will discuss a follow up in the Technical Advisory Committee, like it was at the beginning of the season when these strakes were introduced.

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“It will be part of a normal process to look into it, take the input and see in the TAC if we should put any measures in place.”

With health and safety being a priority in Formula 1, it would seem likely that the FIA will be forced into addressing the matter.

If nothing is done to fix the problem, then Russell thinks it’s only a “matter of time” until porpoising causes a huge crash.

Toto Wolff even revealed that his drivers struggled to see where they were going, due to the ongoing bouncing.

“We obviously understand the severity we see on some cars is brutal on the drivers,” continued Seidl when addressing the health concerns.

“That is why it is a fair point to bring to the TAC to see if it makes sense to address it.

“At the same time, right now, every team knows how to stop it immediately.

“But because of the nature of everyone being in competition, it makes sense to look at it as a whole group and again, in the best interest of the sport moving forward,” concluded the McLaren boss.

Whilst the issue can be somewhat solved by raising the ride height on the cars, this would result in a huge decrease in performance.

Understandably, this is something that teams can’t afford to do when millions of dollars are on the line.