David Coulthard says some Lewis Hamilton fans are ‘f**king idiots’

Max Verstappen is often the talk of the paddock, with his tough racing style and sometimes arrogant quotes being subject of analysis on a regular basis.

Max Verstappen is a very dividing figure, with the Dutchman often finding himself being loved or hated by fans of the sport, such is his controversial reputation.

There is no denying that the Dutchman is one of the quickest drivers ever grace a Formula 1 racetrack, however Verstappen’s hard and tough style of racing has led to him having his critics who deem him as a reckless driver.

This season the 25-year-old has brushed aside any competition, winning a record breaking 15 races on the way to his second consecutive championship, but this has not stopped Verstappen from receiving toxic treatment, being subject to boos at multiple venues over the course of the year.

While Red Bull out developed their rivals to have the quickest car on the grid for a large portion of the season, former F1 driver David Coulthard has hit back at the critics that are disregarding Verstappen’s talent in favour of crediting the Dutchman’s superior machinery.

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“Just as Lewis doesn’t need nine world titles for me to consider him one of the greatest drivers in the sport, Max is already one of the greats,” claimed Coulthard.

“You would also have to be a f*cking idiot to claim that he only achieved this because he was in a good car,” he added, firing back at some of the criticism made by Lewis Hamilton fans of the Dutchman.

“After all, none of his teammates have been able to measure up to him. Max is a beast on the track, a winning machine who doesn’t give a sh*t about what we have to say or what anyone else has to say. He’s unbelievable.” 

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While Verstappen did win 15 Grand Prix this season, it is not the case that Red Bull’s car was the sole reason for his dominance, as his teammate Sergio Perez finished behind Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in the championship after their battle went right down to the wire in Abu Dhabi.

The Dutchman also had to fight for all his victories, only picking up seven pole positions over the course of the season, even winning in Spa from 14th place on the starting grid, following a grid penalty.

Following the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen was once again booed by fans during his post-race interview, and while the Dutchman seems unfazed by the hostile treatment, multiple team principals have blasted the fan’s treatment of the two-time world champion, claiming that booing any driver has no place in the sport.