Daniel Ricciardo Expecting To Learn From Lando Norris At McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo believes having a new team-mate will give him a “real opportunity to learn something new.”

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, Mclaren's 2021 drivers - Formula1news.co.uk

Daniel Ricciardo has said he believes he will learn from Lando Norris this upcoming season, as the young Brit has already been racing with McLaren for two years.

“It’s funny. I’m certainly the more experienced in terms of F1, this being my 11th season, but in terms of McLaren, Lando is the more experienced,” Ricciardo said in a virtual media event attended by Formula1News.co.uk last week.

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“For sure, there are some things I can learn from him, particularly within the team itself, the integration into the McLaren family.

“Every time you have a new team-mate, it’s a real opportunity to learn something new, like work ethic or a driving technique, or both,” he added.

Continuing, Ricciardo said:

“I’m always pretty open-minded. I know every driver has confidence in themselves and their ability, and I’m very confident as an individual but also open-minded.

“If there’s something I can take from Lando and use it to better myself, then obviously I’m looking to learn as much as I can.”

Ricciardo joined McLaren at the end of 2020 from Renault, and many pundits believe the Woking-based team will have one of the strongest driver line-ups on the grid this upcoming season.

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This, coupled with McLaren switching to Mercedes power, could result in them having a very strong 2021 campaign and leave them well placed to fight at the sharp end of the grid once the new regulations come into effect next year.

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