‘Completely naked?’ Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez dominate media session

Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez swapped light-hearted remarks in Hungary after the Australian made his intentions clear.

As the Formula 1 season heats up, drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Sergio Perez demonstrated their playful side during a media interview, exchanging humorous banter ahead of the upcoming race. 

Ricciardo, who recently returned to the grid after Nyck de Vries’ departure, wasted no time in cracking jokes, aiming his first friendly jab at Perez, who has been facing challenges in his pursuit of consistent performances with the fastest car on the grid.

Perez, under the spotlight due to five consecutive missed Q3 sessions, is well aware of the pressure to perform in a team notorious for its ruthless approach to driver management.

However, during the media interaction, he didn’t hesitate to respond in kind when Ricciardo teased him about his form.

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The exchange began when Perez remarked, “Yes, I’ll go naked with my trainer, and then we’ll do a little yoga together.” 

The Mexican driver’s light-hearted response drew a quick comeback from Ricciardo, who inquired with a hint of amusement, “Wow, amazing, really completely naked?”

Perez playfully confirmed, “Yes, completely naked, to have that interaction,” accompanied by a smile. 

The friendly banter continued as Ricciardo added, “Ah yes, the warmth of the body,” eliciting laughter from both drivers.

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Ricciardo then made a light-hearted reference to overhearing Perez in the pre-race room, where peculiar noises were apparently coming from his trainer’s direction. 

“Sometimes when I pass by, I hear you in the pre-race room, and then there are some strange noises,” the Australian driver quipped.

Perez responded with good humour, attributing the noises to his trainer, and then teasingly turned the tables on Ricciardo, mentioning that he had also engaged in similar activities with his trainer. Ricciardo, perhaps not wanting to divulge too much, tactfully attempted to steer the conversation away, saying, “Uh, yes, but I’ll tell you later.”

The playful exchange continued, with both drivers acknowledging the unique nature of their profession and the shared camaraderie among racing athletes. 

“We are crazy drivers, you know that?” Perez laughed, to which Ricciardo playfully affirmed, “We are very special.”

The lighthearted banter between the two drivers highlights the amicable relationship that can coexist alongside the intense on-track rivalry in Formula 1. 

Despite the pressures and stakes involved in each race, moments like these remind fans and the paddock alike that F1 is not just about competition but also about the bonds formed between drivers who share a passion for the sport.

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Both Ricciardo and Perez delivered on Sunday, as they battle to show they deserve their place in the Red Bull family.

Ricciardo took P13, ahead of his teammate Yuki Tsunoda, and in a strong position for AlphaTauri given the challenges the car has shown on track.

Perez returned to the podium in Hungary with P3 after a number of crashes in recent races caused frustration among the Mexican and the team.