Clarkson Says Hamilton ‘Needs A Smacked Bottom’ For Falsely Accusing Alonso Of ‘Cheating’

Jeremy Clarkson has slammed Sir Lewis Hamilton for wrongly accusing Fernando Alonso of cheating during the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Clarkson, who said he thinks Hamilton “needs a smacked bottom”, also hit out at the seven-time World Champion for suggesting he has “long Covid” after he looked fatigued and dizzy during the podium ceremony.

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In his column for the Sun, the Grand Tour host wrote: “Lewis Hamilton needs a smacked bottom.

“He spent most of last week’s thrilling race on the radio, claiming the chap in front of him, Fernando Alonso, was cheating.Which he wasn’t.”

The Spaniard staunchly defended against Hamilton as he was making his way up the field, and his defence ultimately helped his team-mate, Esteban Ocon, record his and Alpine’s maiden F1 victory. 

Continuing, Clarkson wrote: “And then when Lewis finishes in third place, he flopped about on the podium claiming he has ‘long Covid.’

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“Which seems to me to be another way of saying: ‘Please ignore Esteban Ocon, the rookie who just beat me. I’m the real hero and don’t you forget that.’

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“Well I’m sorry Lewis, but if you behave like that, you aren’t. Oh, and pay your taxes,” he added.

Clarkson also poked fun at Hamilton following the race’s restart, which saw the Brit line up on the grid by himself after every other driver pitted for dry-weather tyres.

“Ah. Clever. Only Hamilton on the track. That way he can’t hit anybody,” Clarkson wrote in a tweet after the restart.

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