Christian Horner’s wife involved in ‘weird’ BBC interview

Geri Horner was asked a series of "weird" questions during an appearance on BBC Breakfast.

BBC Breakfast viewers were quick to hail an interview with Red Bull team principal Christian Horner’s wife Geri as a “car crash”, whilst she was trying to promote her new book.

The interview took place on Thursday morning where the former Spice Girl was discussing her new boom Rosie Frost & The Falcon Queen, to which she was asked some incredibly blunt questions by hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt.

Throughout the interview, Geri was on the receiving end of what seemed like a real grilling, as it was stated to her by Naga that she’d conducted research ahead of the interview.

“Do you know what, you’re very interesting as an interviewee,” Naga said to Geri.

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“You’ve come in, making sure you’ve done your research on us as well haven’t you?”

Not long later, Geri was being criticised by Charlie for pointing a lot, to which she apologised.

“Also, you point your finger quite a lot, to be honest,” Charlie added.

“Is that rude?! I’m so sorry Charlie,” Geri responded.

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The awkwardness continued when Geri shared that she did most of her writing in a “little shed”, something Charlie didn’t believe.

“I bet it’s not a little shed, is it? When you say shed, I’m thinking like a warehouse or luxury room,” Charlie said.

Geri does share a lot of videos and images on social media of her and the Red Bull boss’ house, yet she insisted that it was actually just a “little shed in the garden”.

“I’m hearing cynicism, no it’s a little shed in the garden,” Geri insisted.

Following the interview, viewers appeared to feel the awkwardness, with one having admitted that they were “cringing”.

“I was cringing as I watched the interview,” wrote a viewer on Twitter/X.

Another labelled the interview as a “car crash”, a clever pun considering who she spends a lot of time alongside her husband at various F1 races.

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They wrote: “Yet another car crash interview with Munchetty and Stayt. #BBCBreakfast.”

One viewer in particular jumped to Geri’s defence and insisted that the BBC hosts had a “slight antagonistic undertone”.

“Why is this interview with @GeriHalliwell on @BBCBreakfast so awkward?” asked the viewer. “Geri is a delight, but both interviewers seem to have this slight antagonistic undertone. It’s so weird!”