Christian Horner urged not to demand FIA investigation

Red Bull were found guilty of a minor breach of the 2021 cost cap by the FIA.

Red Bull have not had a break over the previous month, facing constant accusations and investigations regarding their breach of the cost cap in 2021, which was set at $145m.

The team were finally found guilty of an overspend of under two million pounds, as a result of multiple small miscalculations and misinterpretations of the rules, putting them in the minor breach category.

Negotiations over a punishment with the FIA were drawn out, even being understandably delayed after the passing of Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, however it has now been confirmed that Red Bull have been fined $7m and seen their aerodynamic testing time for 2023 cut by 10%.

The ‘cashgate’ scandal was a hot topic in the paddock, with team principals from every team commenting on the matter, with the majority calling for a harsh punishment for the constructors’ champions.

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The rumours and accusations have been coming thick and fast since the Singapore Grand Prix, which has concerned Christian Horner because nothing was actually revealed by the FIA for weeks after the race, leaving him bemused as to where the information came from, and how the other teams dare make accusations based on rumours.

“The accusations made in Singapore were extremely upsetting for every single member of staff, all our partners, everyone involved with Red Bull,” he said when asked about the leak.

“Obviously, any form of leakage is hugely worrying. It’s something we expect to be followed up.”

The finger has been pointed at the FIA, with it being inexcusable for a governing body in sport to be leaking information about an investigation, with a former Mercedes lawyer who is now a part of the FIA being accused specifically.

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Ex-Top Gear presenter Tiff Needell disagrees with Horner, with the TV legend suggesting that the best thing for everyone involved would be to leave the issue alone and more on from the cost cap drama, rather than dragging it out.

“Horner now demanding an investigation into how their breaking of the cost cap was leaked! Just let it go Christian, you’ve won both titles, just let it go,” he posted on Twitter

Horner is understandably frustrated about the leak, but with Toto Wolff outlining the reputational damage that the whole ordeal has caused, it may be best if Red Bull move on and try to forget about it as best as they can.