Christian Horner told he must apologise to Ted Kravitz

Red Bull infamously boycotted Sky Sports for a round following a comment made by Ted Kravitz during the 2022 United States GP.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is clearly still not on good terms with Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz, after firing a dig at the veteran reporter during Saturday’s sprint shootout.

Horner and Kravitz have been on sketchy terms ever since the reporter insisted that Lewis Hamilton was “robbed” of the 2021 Drivers’ Championship by Max Verstappen, something he stated during ‘Ted’s Notebook’ at the 2022 United States Grand Prix.

That wasn’t the first dig that Kravitz had made towards Verstappen and Red Bull in regard to the 2021 title, although it was the final straw for Horner.

Red Bull ended up boycotting all interviews with Sky Sports at the following race in Mexico, after believing that the broadcaster hadn’t been impartial.

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Whilst their boycott only lasted one race, tension remains between Horner and Kravitz in particular, despite the fact the reporter has interviewed both the Red Bull boss and Verstappen several times since his comments.

Horner was quick to fire a shot at Kravitz during the sprint shootout at the Circuit of the Americas, not long after Kravitz had reported that Verstappen had a minor issue.

The Red Bull boss was asked by Sky Sports F1 about Verstappen’s issue during the session, which clearly didn’t impact the Dutchman as he claimed pole for the sprint.

“Ted’s always talking… usually not out of his mouth,” Horner stated to Sky Sports F1.

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Sky Sports F1 presenter then joked to Horner that his comment was “unfair”, before the Red Bull boss added:

“There’s always things electrically you can tidy up. There’s some driverability stuff that Max wants us to tune before the race. [There are no issues] from a reliability point of view.”

Horner’s crude comment aimed at Kravitz didn’t go down well with fans, who called for the Red Bull team principal to apologise to the reporter.

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“Horner needs to apologise to Ted Kravitz,” insisted a fan. “That was a totally unacceptable comment to the world and Max defo said he had an electrical problem.”

Another said: “So Christian Horner basically just said Ted Kravitz talks out of his a***.”

Whether Verstappen had an issue or not, he still went onto win the sprint race Saturday evening with complete ease, in what was an easily forgettable 19 laps of racing.