Christian Horner reveals surprising stance on controversial FIA rule

The FIA have come under fire from a number of drivers after their ban on political gestures was announced.

The relationship between the FIA and the current F1 drivers has broken down in recent weeks, with many drivers speaking out against the new ban on political gestures.

Unless they have been given prior approval by the FIA, the drivers will be punished if they make any political, personal or religious gestures moving forward.

It has been suggested that this rule has been created to silence the likes of Lewis Hamilton, who has upset some of the host countries with his recent acts of defiance.

The Brit has worn a rainbow helmet to many races in the Middle East to protest against the illegality of homosexuality, something which has not gone down well with officials in the region.

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Red Bull’s Sergio Perez has been one of the drivers to express his concerns about the new rule, claiming that the drivers plan to discuss the issue with the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

“We haven’t discussed it with the GPDA, but it’s something that we don’t feel comfortable with because we want to be ourselves and we want to be able to express ourselves in any way that we want,” he said.

“We all have different views, different beliefs in religion. I get the political side but we should all be free to express ourselves the way we want.

“I just struggle to think that they will be able to control what you are able to say or not to say. That to me is not correct. But we will discuss that.”

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has now adopted a different stance to his driver, suggesting that sport should be used as an escape from the real world, rather than a vessel for politics.

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“F1 is not a political sport and it shouldn’t be used politically,” he claimed.

“We’re a sport, we’re a form of entertainment and a form of escapism from some of the s*** going on in the world.”

Lewis Hamilton is yet to address the new rule but with the 2023 season only weeks away, the drivers will hope to have some clarity on the situation before the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend.