Christian Horner reveals sentimental timepiece

Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner has revealed the meaning behind his iconic TAG Heur watch.

In the world of Formula One, luxury watches are a common sight adorning the wrists of both drivers and team principals. 

Among the impressive collection of timepieces in the F1 paddock, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner’s TAG Heuer watch stands out not only for its timeless style but also for the sentimental value it carries.

Walking down the grid during Grand Prix weekends, Formula One stars proudly showcase luxury brands on their forearms. 

However, Horner’s choice of watch, the TAG Heuer Monza Calibre Heuer 02 COSC Flyback, has a remarkable story behind it, dating back nearly two decades.

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In a recent conversation with talkSPORT, Horner shared the heartfelt reason behind his enduring attachment to this particular watch. 

He revealed that the TAG Heuer timepiece has been a part of his life since 2004 and has a special connection to a memorable victory.

“I have a history with this watch going back many, many years to 2004,” Horner began, recounting the watch’s origins. 

“I had a team in what is now Formula 2, and we had a race in Monaco, and Vitantonio Liuzzi, the Italian driver, he won the race.”

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Horner’s recollection continued, highlighting the unique circumstances surrounding his decision to acquire the watch. 

In those days, Bernie Ecclestone, the former CEO of Formula One, would reward race winners with cash prizes.

“In those days, Bernie Ecclestone used to pay cash for the victory, and so I got his envelope full of cash for the victory,” Horner reminisced. 

“I thought I’m only going to spend it on something, so I wanted a memory of that victory.”

The fateful shopping trip that followed took place at Nice airport, where Horner made a choice that would forever link him to his TAG Heuer Monza watch.

“I was at Nice airport, and I couldn’t afford the Monaco, but I could afford the Monza with that cash, so with that cash, I bought the Monza watch, and I still have it,” he proudly stated.

Throughout the years, Christian Horner has enjoyed tremendous success as the head of the Red Bull Racing Team. 

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Despite the numerous achievements and accolades, he continues to wear the watch that represents his passion for motorsport and carries the memories of Monaco 2004.

Horner concluded the conversation by revealing a recent addition to his cherished timepiece, making it even more unique and significant.

“It’s inscribed with the championship in it for the constructors’ championship in 2022, so it’s a unique watch,” he disclosed.

“It’s one of one, and I feel very lucky to have it, very grateful.”