Max Verstappen ready to enrage Ferrari fans

Max Verstappen battled with Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc last year, but he eventually won the title by a comfortable margin.

The legendary Monza circuit, renowned for its historic significance and lengthy straightaways, will serve as the stage for the latest chapter in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Raymond Vermeulen, the manager of two-time world champion Max Verstappen, is brimming with optimism as he contemplates the potential of Red Bull Racing’s RB19 on the hallowed grounds of Monza.

Max Verstappen’s journey in the 2023 season has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

A dominant force on the track, the Dutch sensation has emerged victorious in a staggering 11 out of 13 Grands Prix, amassing a remarkable 93.6 percent of the maximum possible points this season. 

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As anticipation builds for the Monza race weekend, Verstappen stands on the precipice of a significant achievement. 

He has the opportunity to shatter Sebastian Vettel’s unique record for sayings – a testament to Verstappen’s consistent excellence.

Radiating confidence, Vermeulen offers insights into Red Bull Racing’s formidable capabilities. 

“I think the sky is the limit. I think we have an amazing package with the team. 

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“The team have built a very competitive car,” Vermeulen shares candidly during the F1 Nation podcast. 

His words underscore the meticulous efforts and collaborative spirit that have culminated in the RB19’s strengths, which include remarkable straight-line speed.

The Monza circuit is aptly known as the “Temple of Speed,” owing to its numerous extended full-throttle stretches. 

Vermeulen, a seasoned strategist, is well aware of the circuit’s demands and its alignment with the RB19’s attributes. 

“We go to Monza which should be good for us as well. I think we can still have some good wins this year. 

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“On the other hand, anything can happen for next year and the years beyond, so we should enjoy this moment in his career,” he reflected.

Going into Monza, Verstappen is clear ahead of his rivals with 339 points, 128 ahead of teammate Sergio Perez and more than double that of Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso.

Red Bull is set to clinch the Constructors’ title with ease this season, almost double the points of its closest rival Mercedes at the moment.