Charles Leclerc suffers another embarrassing blow

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has been handed a series of setbacks this year, with another painful moment happening on his way to Silverstone.

It has been a challenging season for Charles Leclerc, with a string of setbacks and moments of frustration. 

Each time it appears that the Ferrari driver is making progress, circumstances seem to conspire against him, resulting in a step backward.

For instance, after achieving his season’s best performance with a second-place finish in Austria, Leclerc suffered a setback when he was unable to participate in the second free practice session at Silverstone due to an electrical issue, as announced by Ferrari.

The nadir of Leclerc’s recent experiences may have come during a charity football game in his home principality, where he missed a clear scoring opportunity, showcasing a metaphorical reflection of his struggles on the track. 

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Additionally, he finds himself trailing his teammate by 10 points in the drivers’ championship standings, intensifying his determination to outperform his colleague.

Moreover, there is another individual whom Leclerc feels compelled to surpass: his own brother. 

Leclerc and his younger sibling Arthur, a talented Formula 2 driver and a member of Ferrari’s driver program, engaged in a chess match during their flight to Silverstone. 

In what has been a season filled with disappointments for Charles, he suffered yet another loss, as documented in an Instagram post that garnered over 1 million likes. 

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Leclerc wrote, “On our way to Silverstone. But unfortunately, this time, he won…”

Leclerc will hope for a more successful rest of the 2023 season, after a disappointing start with the Scuderia.