Charles Leclerc reacts to $200 million contract rumours

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has reacted to the rumours about his future on the Formula 1 grid, as racing returns at Zandvoort.

Returning from the summer break in Formula 1, Charles Leclerc has emphatically rejected swirling rumours suggesting that he has secured a substantial new $200 million contract with Ferrari. 

The Monégasque driver addressed these claims at Zandvoort, revealing that while no new agreements have been inked, discussions are anticipated in due time.

Responding to the speculations, Leclerc couldn’t help but chuckle, stating, “It sounds like a good contract. 

“But no, there were no new deals and no discussions at all.”

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He emphasised that conversations regarding his contract extension will occur at a later juncture. 

“At some time, we will definitely talk about it,” Leclerc affirmed.

Contrary to some suggestions that Leclerc’s eagerness for contract renewal might not match his teammate Carlos Sainz’s urgency, the 25-year-old Ferrari driver clarified his stance, saying, “I think my intentions are clear, but as for the team, I don’t know. 

“But I’m not too worried. 

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“For now, this topic is not a priority.” 

Leclerc’s focus remains centred on enhancing the car’s performance to compete for victories once again. 

He concurred with team principal Frederic Vasseur’s recent remarks by confirming that negotiations will commence after the current season concludes.

Addressing the conjecture, Leclerc confirmed that he did not engage in discussions with Vasseur during the break. 

He stated, “Nothing has changed since before the break. 

We haven’t talked about it yet because we were both on vacation.” 

Given that Leclerc and Sainz are already under contract for 2024, the Monégasque driver seems content to await a more suitable time for negotiations.

With Ferrari trailing behind F1 frontrunner Red Bull, Leclerc acknowledged the gap and the team’s goal to narrow it. 

“We are working to reduce the gap to Red Bull,” he remarked. 

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However, he also acknowledged the challenge in catching up before the significant regulation changes in 2026. 

Despite the uphill battle, Leclerc expressed optimism about planned improvements for upcoming races and the possibility of unforeseen positive developments in the car’s performance. 

He added, “We have some improvements planned for the next races that should help, but with this car we could have some more unexpected surprises.”