Charles Leclerc demands Ferrari investigation

Charles Leclerc has criticised Ferrari for ignoring his tyre requests.

Charles Leclerc failed to make it into Q3 for the second Grand Prix in a row on Saturday at the Canadian Grand Prix, following another Ferrari blunder

The Monegasque will start P11 on Sunday at the Circuit de Gilles-Villeneuve, after Ferrari failed to put Leclerc on the right tyres during Q2.

Whilst Q1 was completed solely on the Intermediate tyres, Q2 saw a good enough dry line appear on the circuit.

This resulted in a flurry of action, as virtually all the drivers dumped their Intermediates for a set of Softs.

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That is everyone apart from Leclerc, who pitted for Soft tyres later than everybody else.

Ferrari told Leclerc to set a banker lap on the mixed weather compound, after he informed the team that he wanted to be on the Softs.

Ferrari should’ve listened to Leclerc, as rain began to fall during the closing stages of Q2, which saw the Monegasque’s chances of making Q3 disintegrate.

Rain started to fall heavily during the latter stages of Q2, making the circuit not suitable once again for Soft tyres.

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Leclerc made his feelings known over the team radio at the end of Q2, where he was understandably livid.

“Tyres were not ready. Come on,” shouted Leclerc over the team radio after Q2 has finished.

Leclerc remained absolutely furious in the media pen, where he revealed that his “clear opinion” on needing a set of Softs was completely disregarded by Ferrari.

“When the track is so dry and we are staying on inter tyres we are not making our lives any easier,” Leclerc told Sky Sports F1.

“We will discuss with the team. But we need to do a step forward now because it is not the first time that it happens. We are quite often in the wrong side of making those decisions in those tricky situations. 

“I had a clear opinion and a clear initiation and we went for something opposite. 

“Obviously it is frustrating to accept it first, and then you are putting yourself in a very difficult situation. From that moment onwards, it basically slips away from us.

“Having said that, it’s not all of that, because other drivers managed to go to Q3 doing exactly the same thing that I did. But again, we are just making our lives way too difficult.”

Whilst he didn’t want to set a banker lap on the Intermediates, Leclerc admitted that he wasn’t prepared to “argue for a whole lap”.

Talks will once again be held behind-the-scenes at Ferrari following another catastrophic blunder, which was in many ways similar to the error they made during Q3 at the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix.

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“I said what I thought,” insisted Leclerc.

“I cannot argue for a whole lap because I need to drive the car so I just had to deal with it and accept it. But I did say what I wanted.

“I will manage it myself internally and I don’t want to tell what will happen. But obviously there will be talks, there will be analysis and hopefully we will come out stronger from it because it’s been quite a few times now.”