Charles Leclerc compared to Sebastian Vettel as his role in Mattia Binotto exit questioned

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is reportedly going to be leaving Ferrari after 28 years with the Scuderia.

Ferrari endured a very mixed season in 2022, one which has seen the Italians enjoy both highs and a concerning number of lows, usually through their own doing.

It does seem remarkable that Ferrari only won four races in 2022 with the F1-75, which was arguably the best car on the grid for the vast majority of the season.

Three victories for Charles Leclerc and one for Carlos Sainz doesn’t do the car justice at all, with Leclerc in particular having led a large number of races this season.

He was leading both at the Spanish and Azerbaijan Grand Prix when his engine went bang, marking two power unit based DNFs.

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Power unit gremlins were a theme of the Scuderia’s season, with the side having clearly gone for performance over reliability.

Leclerc was also notably leading at both Monaco and the Hungaroring when Ferrari made shocking strategic blunders, something which the Maranello-based side have done far too often.

As a result of all the errors, team boss Mattia Binotto has come under immense criticism for never making changes to his side, with one big change now set to happen as a result.

According to reports, Binotto has resigned from his role at the Italian side, with an official announcement expected soon.

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Some fans have questioned if Leclerc is using his authority at Ferrari to get the Italian sacked, something which doesn’t appear likely based on recent comments he made.

“I think we have to change the way we make decisions,” he told L’Equipe.

“To be better on Sunday, that’s what you have to change.”

When asked, though, if team personnel needs to be changed to do so, he denied that this was needed.

“No, not necessarily,” admitted Leclerc.

“It’s also the way you come to conclusions, it’s the way the communication between the different engineers in the team works so that it’s clearer.

“It is the way you have to focus on the important things and not on the details that then make you lose.”

Whilst some fans think Leclerc is playing a role in Binotto’s sacking, many think otherwise.

It was also noted by one fan that Vettel was “kicked out” of Ferrari for trying to force a change, something which arguably didn’t happen.

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Vettel’s departure from Ferrari came more as a result of the German underperforming, with Leclerc having acclaimed the throne of number one driver.

“It’s crazy to me that people genuinely believe Leclerc is behind this Binotto saga,” wrote a social media user.

“Literal four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel was kicked out for trying to make a change. If something it’s Ferrari that is making steps forward and understood they can’t afford to waste their only shot at a World Drivers’ Championship.”