Charles Leclerc breaks silence on Ferrari feud

Charles Leclerc has addressed speculation of discord at Ferrari between himself and Carlos Sainz.

Addressing ongoing speculation of a rift with Ferrari team-mate Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc has categorically asserted that such rumours are exaggerated and that the two drivers maintain a strong and positive rapport. 

Leclerc emphasised the depth of their camaraderie, despite the minor squabbles that have occasionally surfaced both on and off the track.

Entering their third season as Ferrari team-mates, Leclerc and Sainz have both held the limelight by clinching the Drivers’ Championship once each. 

Amidst the backdrop of their expiring contracts next year and the occasional radio exchanges that have been interpreted as tense moments, whispers of tension between the two have circulated. 

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However, Leclerc swiftly moved to quell these notions.

“Being active on social media, I’m aware of what’s being discussed,” Leclerc shared with 

“The situation with Carlos has been blown out of proportion. 

“We share a strong bond. 

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“Off the track, our collaboration is excellent, and our common interests strengthen our connection.”

Leclerc acknowledged the competitive fire that burns between them, underscoring that this rivalry is a natural outcome in the high-stakes world of Formula 1. 

He added, “Our shared competitiveness is a crucial aspect. 

“Formula 1 thrives on competition, and I find it gratifying to be a part of it.”

The Ferrari pit wall has witnessed moments of tension this season, notably during instances when Sainz requested to pass his team-mate and was denied, even in instances where his pace appeared superior. 

Leclerc, too, encountered frustration earlier in the season when he was not provided a slipstream by Sainz as per team strategy.

Reflecting on these episodes, Leclerc acknowledged the pressure of representing Ferrari and the scrutiny it entails. 

He explained, “Occasionally, disagreements emerge over the radio during specific situations. 

“Our drive to achieve the best results often spurs such exchanges. 

“These are normal occurrences, heightened by the intense scrutiny of being Ferrari drivers.”

Leclerc alluded to an incident during the British Grand Prix where Sainz overtook him despite Leclerc having priority, resulting in a brief on-track radio exchange. 

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Leclerc stated, “Such situations arise due to our competitive nature. 

“The spotlight on us as Ferrari drivers magnifies these instances. 

“Yet, within the team, we share a solid understanding and are united in pursuing common goals.”