Charles Leclerc addresses contract rumours with 9-word reply

Charles Leclerc has been linked with a move to Mercedes, with Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari under such a deal.

Charles Leclerc has reiterated his commitment to the Scuderia Ferrari team, dispelling rumours of an impending departure. 

Despite recent speculation about his future, Leclerc’s heart remains firmly set on achieving a World Championship with Ferrari, emphasising his deep-rooted love for the team.

Contrary to reports suggesting he had already signed a substantial two-year extension worth £160 million, Leclerc clarified that no such deal had been confirmed.

He affirmed, “There are no new deals and no discussions whatsoever.”

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Instead, he and Ferrari have decided to wait until after the current season to explore the possibility of extending his contract beyond 2024.

As Ferrari faced challenges at the Dutch Grand Prix, slipping to sixth place in the pecking order, questions arose regarding Leclerc’s potential options at other teams. 

While Mercedes and Aston Martin had been mentioned as possible destinations, those doors have closed with Mercedes retaining Lewis Hamilton and Aston Martin confirming Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll for another season.

Leclerc, however, has made it abundantly clear that he envisions his future with Ferrari. 

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“I have always loved Ferrari, and I would love to stay,” he expressed in an interview with BBC Sport. 

“I’ve always made it very clear that my goal is to try to be a World Champion, but firstly with Ferrari.”

Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Leclerc emphasised his deep-rooted connection with Ferrari, a team that believed in him from an early stage in his career. 

He also underlined his determination to win with Ferrari, regardless of the obstacles.

“My priority is to win with Ferrari, and it is not my worry whether I won’t achieve it or whatever,” Leclerc stated. 

“We just need to work on the team and try to improve it as much as possible, and I hope that I can achieve that one day.”

Leclerc’s commitment to Ferrari has led to speculation about his legacy with the team. 

Respected Italian journalist Leo Turrini weighed in on Leclerc’s future, suggesting that if he renews with Ferrari, he could either become a beloved figure among the Tifosi or secure a World Championship title.

Responding to these speculations, Leclerc remained unfazed, saying, “Absolutely not. Because at the end, being a Ferrari driver is a dream for everybody.”

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Despite a season in which only Red Bull has claimed victory, Leclerc remains resolute in his belief that winning is possible. 

He spoke of his unwavering motivation and belief in victory whenever he puts on his helmet, even when facing the formidable competition.

“As strange as it can sound, whenever I put my helmet on, I still feel like the victory is possible,” Leclerc affirmed. 

“Whenever I am home training or when I am in the car, winning is what motivates me and it never feels unachievable.”