Carlos Sainz irritated by ‘stupid talk’ over his future

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has been visibly frustrated by speculation linking him to Audi, when the manufacturer joins the grid.

Carlos Sainz has, once again, rejected rumours that he is planning to abandon Ferrari for a move to the incoming Audi team, which will join the grid in 2026.

The Spaniard called talk about his future “stupid,” refusing to dignify the speculation with a response, adding that he is committed to winning a title with the Italian team.

Sainz joined Ferrari in 2021, winning his first Grand Prix with the team at the 2022 British Grand Prix, successfully converting his first-ever pole position.

While sometimes seen as Ferrari’s number 2 driver, Sainz has repeatedly sought to put an end to those claims, outscoring Charles Leclerc in their first season as teammates and fighting the Monegasque for position on track.

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This season, while Leclerc secured P2 in the sprint in Baku and P3 in that weekend’s Grand Prix, Ferrari has failed to get on terms with Red Bull, who have scooped every race victory of the season.

As the Scuderia SF-23 is performing woefully this season compared to Red Bull’s RB19, reports have been rife that Sainz and Leclerc could be looking for a way out of the team.

Leclerc has been linked to a move to Mercedes should Lewis Hamilton vacate his seat, while Sainz has been named as a top target for Audi when the German manufacturer lines up in a few years.

“I know there’s still two very important years ahead of us,” Sainz told The Race, “and I think further up than that would be stupid to talk about.

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“But I feel I still have yet to achieve my full potential as a driver. And I feel like at least here I’ve already done another good step in the right direction.

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“My immediate future, I only see it with Ferrari and wanting to be successful with this team. There’s nothing that would make me happier than winning again with Ferrari, than mounting a title challenge with Ferrari.

“If you win it or not, it’s a championship fight. You can come out on top or not. But mounting that challenge is short- and medium-term what really motivates me.

“I feel really at home with the team. There’s a good atmosphere. I know there’s a lot of noise around, but I see the factory myself, and everyone in a good place right now.”