Carlos Sainz foils shocking robbery

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz had to act swiftly to thwart an attempt to steal his £500,000 watch while in Milan.

In a dramatic turn of events, Ferrari Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz found himself in the midst of an attempted robbery in Milan, where he bravely chased down the thieves to reclaim his prized £500,000 watch. 

The incident unfolded shortly after Sainz’s triumphant third-place finish at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, a moment of joy for the passionate Tifosi.

Reports emerging from Italy indicate that the incident occurred around 8:30 pm near the renowned Armani hotel in Milan. 

Still dressed in his distinctive Ferrari team attire, Sainz became the target of the thieves. 

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Undeterred, the 29-year-old driver joined forces with members of the public to pursue the culprits, ultimately succeeding in retrieving his precious Richard Mille timepiece.

Local law enforcement swiftly apprehended two suspects in connection with the thwarted robbery.

Sainz’s courageous actions in the face of adversity have drawn attention to a recurring issue in the world of motorsport. 

His Ferrari teammate, Charles Leclerc, faced a similar predicament last year when his exclusive Richard Mille watch was stolen from his wrist in the Italian seaside resort of Viareggio. 

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Leclerc was approached by two individuals wearing motorcycle helmets, who initially requested a selfie before committing the theft.

Notably, McLaren’s star driver, Lando Norris, has also fallen victim to theft on multiple occasions. 

Norris had a £144,000 designer watch stolen from him in the VIP car park at Wembley Stadium following the Euro 2020 final. 

Subsequently, during a holiday in Marbella earlier this year, he was once again targeted by thieves.

Sainz’s resolute response to the attempted robbery serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by high-profile athletes and celebrities when it comes to personal security. 

The incident has not only highlighted the vulnerability of Formula 1 drivers but also the importance of vigilance and safety precautions in today’s world.

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Sainz’s success at stopping the robbery ensured his weekend of success in Italy was dampened by an unfortunate incident.

Having claimed pole on Saturday, Sainz fought valiantly to finish in P3, only 11 seconds behind Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

With Charles Leclerc in P4, the Ferrari duo powered their team into P3 of the Constructors’ Standings, behind Mercedes and ahead of Aston Martin.