Carlos Sainz denies he’s worried about Charles Leclerc’s relationship with Frederic Vasseur

Charles Leclerc was given his Formula 1 debut in 2018 by new Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur at Alfa Romeo.

It has been a relentless winter break for Ferrari, with the side having finally appointed a new team principal to replace Mattia Binotto, who resigned following the conclusion of the 2022 season.

Binotto held the role of team principal for four seasons, with the team having endured somewhat of a rollercoaster ride over the years of his reign.

Under Binotto’s leadership, the team suffered a catastrophic collapse to the midfield, something which saw the team battling for points, let alone podiums or even victories.

However, Binotto worked tirelessly to get the Maranello-based outfit back to the top, something he almost did in 2022.

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2022 could’ve been so much sweeter for Ferrari, had they learnt from their errors during the campaign.

Instead of learning from their strategic mistakes, they just made more, something which it appears has resulted in Binotto having no option but to resign from the team, one he’s been a part of since 1995.

Second place in the Constructors’ Championship is still a great result for Ferrari; however, they could’ve done better had they not buckled under the pressure of being in title contention.

Many have shared their disappointment in Ferrari for accepting Binotto’s resignation, with Carlos Sainz having little words on the matter.

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“Ultimately it’s his decision and I can only wish him the very best,” Sainz said.

Sainz was brought into Ferrari from McLaren by Binotto, highlighting that the Italian was an important figure in the Spaniard’s life.

“Mattia meant a lot to me in my first two years at Ferrari,” Sainz said.

“He listened to me and he trusted me. Ferrari is also in a better place thanks to him.”

Whether the side reach an even “better place” under Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur will be discovered in 2023, with the Frenchman already having a close relationship with Charles Leclerc.

Leclerc and Vasseur worked together at Alfa Romeo in 2018 and during the Monegasque’s junior career, highlighting the bond they already have.

Sainz could see this as a disadvantage to him, given that Vasseur might prioritise Leclerc given their history together.

Interestingly, Sainz doesn’t see it that way and actually thinks Vasseur’s relationship with Leclerc will be “good for the team” and will help the Frenchman “feel more at home”.

“It’s not like I’m starting from scratch,” Sainz insisted.

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“I think I get along well with him and he will be happy with me when he sees me at work.

“I think his relationship with Charles is also good for the team,” he added.

“It can ensure that he feels more at home within the team.”