Carlos Sainz addresses Ferrari’s concerns

Lewis Hamilton's move comes at Sainz’s expense, who is gearing up for the 2024 F1 season, knowing it will mark his final stint in Ferrari's iconic red livery.

If Ferrari harboured any apprehensions regarding Carlos Sainz’s willingness to adhere to team directives in the 2024 Formula 1 season, those concerns have been assuaged.

The latest whirlwind of the Formula 1 ‘silly season’ is already in full swing despite the commencement of the new campaign being yet to occur, with the bombshell revelation that Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari as of 2025.

This move comes at Sainz’s expense, who is gearing up for the 2024 F1 season, knowing it will mark his final stint in Ferrari’s iconic red livery.

Ferrari is known for not shying away from issuing team orders to their drivers.

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However, with Sainz aware that his tenure in Maranello is finite, the question arises: will he still prioritise Leclerc if instructed to do so?

Sainz confirmed his compliance with Ferrari’s directives for the 2024 F1 season and anticipates the same reciprocity in return.

When questioned by media, including’s Sam Cooper, about assisting Leclerc in a title push for the 2024 season, Sainz affirmed, “Of course.

I’ve always been a team player. Everything I’ve done in Formula 1 I think I’ve been a great team player, I’ve always been exemplary in that sense as a driver for any team.”

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“I will definitely help Charles if I have to, the same way that I expect Charles to help me if I fight for a World Championship myself too.”

Sainz’s determination to vie for the championship remains steadfast despite the circumstances.

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He emphasised that the pressure he places on himself and the team remains unchanged.

“I think the amount of pressure that I will put on myself, the team and my engineers and everyone involved, I think will be exactly the same,” he confirmed.

His plans beyond 2024 are yet to be announced, with speculations linking him to Mercedes, Williams, and Sauber, the latter set to evolve into the Audi works team by 2026.