‘Calm down’: Aston Martin boss hits out at rival team principals

Aston Martin’s team principal Mike Krack has accused rivals of attempting to change the length of DRS zones for their own benefit.

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack has hit out his fellow team principals for trying to pressure the FIA into backtracking over its policy of shortening DRS zones to reduce overtaking opportunities this season.

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) has been the subject of much debate this season, with Red Bull having managed to develop a part that allows them to easily glide past their competitors.

However, while Red Bull’s DRS has seen them thrive, others have struggled as DRS zones have been shortened at the past two races.

In Baku, the main DRS straight was shortened, resulting in the fewest number of overtakes of a race this season and long DRS trains.

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Miami saw officials take a similar approach, cutting down the length of two DRS zones, making it harder for drivers to rise through the grid around the tight track.

The changes were met with outrage from drivers after they weren’t consulted on the changes before they were put into effect.

George Russell, head of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, accused the FIA of making “knee-jerk” reaction.

“We need to calm down a little bit all these discussions about the DRS being too long, the DRS being too short,” Krack told Speedcafe.com.

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“This is something that the FIA and F1 are doing at the tracks and not everybody should go lobbying for what is best for themselves because then it is up and down all the time.

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“At the end of the day, the purpose of the DRS is to ease overtaking. Unfortunately, it is one of the few tools that we have, and we have to leave the decision-makers to make the best [decisions] for the sport.”

With two sides becoming increasingly vocal on both sides of the debate, the FIA looks likely to find itself in a tricky spot in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear what the outcome will be but it’s probable that this discussion won’t be ending anytime soon.