‘I have no idea how he got there’: Button reveals story of Raikkonen ending up in his house

Kimi Raikkonen retired from Formula 1 last year after 19 years in the sport.

Former McLaren driver Jenson Button has revealed a hilarious encounter with fellow former F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen, who somehow ended up in his house one morning.

Nicknamed “the Iceman,” Raikkonen was one of the most unique characters in Formula 1 and was known for not being keen on interviews and in general being a man of very few words.

However, off the track, many have testified that he is almost the polar opposite to the person seen in the paddock, and is an eccentric party-goer.

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During commentary for ITV many years ago, Martin Brundle recalled that the Finn is an avid talker away from the track, and was delighted to see him rock up for a Sky F1 lawn mower race ahead of the British Grand Prix in 2014.

Button also states that the 42-year-old transformed into a totally different personality away from the race track.

“We didn’t really talk in the paddock, but when you went outside the paddock, when the sun went down, things changed,” he said during Sky’s coverage of the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

The Briton owned a house in London earlier in his career, and he was surprised to find the former Ferrari and McLaren driver sat in his front room after returning from a night out.

“The only story I can really remember with Kimi, because most of them are a blur, we were out until like 3am in London and I had a house at that point,” he said.

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“And I was like ‘I’m tired, I’m out of here’. Got in the cab, get home, walk in my house, and Kimi is sat in my living room, alone, I have no idea how he got there.”

Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button on the podium in 2012.v1

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Raikkonen won 21 races in his F1 career, six of them during his championship-winning campaign with the Scuderia in 2007.

Button claimed his world championship two years later with Brawn GP before signing for McLaren. He won eight races with the Woking-based team before retiring from Formula 1.

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