Bugatti-Linked Car-Maker Comments On Entering Formula 1

Croatian auto-maker Rimac has suggested it could enter top motorsport series such as Formula 1 in the future, though they have no immediate plans to do so.

The car-maker, which was founded in 2009 and built the world’s fastest production electric vehicle, last month announced a joint venture with Bugatti and Porsche.

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As a result of the deal, Bugatti and Rimac essentially merged together.  

Speaking to the Spanish edition of, Marta Longin, Rimac’s head of communications and marketing, said “there are many petrolheads in the company who would love to work on Rimac’s technology for a race car, and we have made some prototypes in the past for Pikes Peak, e-TCR.

“But our focus is primarily on engineering and producing high-performance EV technology in large quantities, tens of thousands of electric drive units, battery packs and other technologies.

“With projects underway and those in development to begin production in the coming years, we simply don’t have the resources to participate in a motorsport project.

“Although who knows, maybe someday,” Longin added.