Brown: Allowing Sainz To Leave Mclaren In 2020 Would Only Benefit Ferrari

Brown said he doesn’t believe bringing the driver moves forward would be in Mclaren’s interests.

Ferrari’s decision not to retain Sebastian Vettel beyond the 2020 F1 season paved the way for Carlos Sainz to sign a contract with the Italian outfit, and in turn left a vacant seat at Mclaren, which Daniel Ricciardo will fill.

All of these driver moves will come into effect at the end of the 2020 season, and Mclaren is not interested in making an in-season change to its driver line-up.

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“We’re happy with our driver line-up this year. We’re happy with everyone else’s driver line-up this year,” Zak Brown, the CEO of Mclaren Racing, said.

“I think we have two drivers that are doing an excellent job, and some other teams which have disruption in their garage, so I think I want to continue the harmonious relationship we have going on right now.

“And I think if we were to consider changing that, it would maybe only be to the benefit of other teams that are maybe a little bit more destabilised in the garage,” Brown added, suggesting that only Ferrari stands to gain from the driver moves being brought forward.

Mclaren are enjoying quite a strong season, with the team currently third in the Constructors’ Standings, but Brown stressed that Mclaren’s ultimate goal is to win races and Championships.

However, he is wary of the fact that some midfield teams could threaten them once Formula One’s budget cap comes into effect in 2021 and is gradually reduced over the following years.

“Ultimately, our goal is to catch whoever is in first place: and that’s been Mercedes for quite some time.

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“I think while we want to catch the three teams that are in front of us now, or in this instance, currently two teams, I think we need to pay a lot of attention and recognise that the teams fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh right now, are all going to be serious contenders when the budget cap comes in.”

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