Brother of Ferrari chairman rings alarm bells in now-deleted Twitter rant

Lapo Elkann is a former Ferrari board member after holding the role of non-executive director.

Lapo Elkann, brother of Ferrari chairman John Elkann, has sensationally taken to Twitter to criticise what is currently going on at the Maranello-based team, with him having told the Italians to “wake up”.

Ferrari have endured a shocking start to the 2023 F1 season and are currently fourth in the Constructors’ Championship, due to their best result of the year so far being fourth in Bahrain.

To add to their mounting woes, reliability is a concern once again for the Italians, with Charles Leclerc having retired from the season-opener following a power unit failure.

Ferrari are yet to have a smooth weekend, meaning their actual potential is yet to be seen.

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Elkann is a former Ferrari board member himself so knows exactly what is going on behind-the-scenes at Maranello, with it all seemingly having become too much for him to contain based on his Twitter rant.

“Ferrari needs Seriousness and Winning Team in the Pits and Outside,” Elkann wrote on Twitter.

“It’s time to WAKE UP enough with politics and games like this WE WILL NEVER WIN ‼ ‼ ‼ ‼”

He went on to take a shot at sponsor Santander, in what is a now-deleted reply to his initial tweet.

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“Santander for me terrible bank”, Elkann bizarrely added.

The chairman’s brother was certainly active on Twitter and was more than happy to give his honest opinion to Ferrari fans, with a Leclerc fanpage having thanked Elkann for “always” supporting Leclerc.

“The only person in Ferrari who will always be there in difficult times for Charles. Thank you Lapo Elkann, you deserve to be the president of Ferrari instead of your brother.”

Elkann actually replied to the comment by admitting “I don’t even want to be president.”

Another fan also took aim at Elkann’s brother and labelled him as “absent”, something which has been discussed by pundits.

The Ferrari chairman is very rarely seen in the Italians garage, making many question whose actually in charge.

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“Lapo the truth is that in the eyes of us fans, the presidency is ABSENT,” wrote another fan.

“I have never read a press release, a letter, or something from the president or other delegates. FERRARI needs passionate people like you and many other people like you.”

Elkann agreed: “I know, unfortunately.”