‘British media bias’: Martin Brundle slammed for backing Ted Kravitz

Following comments made by Sky reporter Ted Kravitz, Red Bull decided to boycott all interviews with the broadcaster and all its networks.

The turmoil from last weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix has continued to spill into this week, with ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle being the most recent to receive backlash from fans.

It comes as a result of the ex-F1 driver turned pundit defending his “friend” Ted Kravitz, who has been pinned as the reason as to why Max Verstappen and Red Bull boycotted all Sky interviews at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

It came as a result of Verstappen feeling “disrespected” by the broadcaster and especially by “one particular person”, who appears to be the veteran journalist.

The unhappiness amongst Red Bull seems to be due to Kravitz saying that Lewis Hamilton was robbed of an eighth World Championship during a recent episode of his post-session show ‘Ted’s Notebook’; however, he never says that it was Verstappen who ‘robbed’ the Mercedes driver but former race director Michael Masi.

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It’s seen Kravitz receive a barrage of criticism and abuse online, which continues to be a pressing issue amongst the F1 community.

Brundle shared his support for Kravitz midweek, where he explained that “face to face dialogue” is needed between Kravitz and Red Bull.

“For the avoidance of doubt my friend and colleague for the past 26 years, Ted Kravitz, has my full support,” Brundle wrote on Twitter.

“Face to face dialogue is the only way to sort out issues and disputes in the relentless crucible of the F1 paddock. We all have opinions and different jobs to do, that’s life.”

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It’s safe to say Brundle’s support for Kravitz hasn’t gone down well with a number of fans, who have called the ex-F1 driver out.

Some have said that Kravitz made Verstappen sound like a “bad guy” and needs to stop “expressing personal opinion”, with the comment section being a rather unpleasant read.

“It’s not his opinion which has been criticised. It’s the way he expressed it,” explained one Twitter user.

“Making Verstappen out to be a bad guy, when in reality he never did anything wrong. It’s the Schumacher days all over again with British media bias. And it feeds a social media riot. Needs to stop.”

The backlash didn’t end there…

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“Ted isn’t there to express personal opinion on a TV network. More for unbiased factual analysis,” said another.

“Everyone has opinions but as presenters of sports, it should remain unbiased,” believed a third user.

“Unfortunately, Ted (who I enjoy watching) keeps insulting Max in a passive-aggressive manner, in a very unprofessional way. Regardless of your opinions Martin, you always remain as neutral as possible.”