British Grand Prix organisers want an extra day

The Australian Grand Prix is carried out across four days - incorporating several support races - a strategy Silverstone is wanting to implement.

The Silverstone International Circuit is attempting to make the British Grand Prix a four-day event, with the circuit’s managing director believing that three days “isn’t really enough” anymore.

The British GP is always one of the best races of the season, even when the racing itself isn’t exciting.

The atmosphere generated amongst the crowd at the historic circuit is somewhat unmatchable, with the Grand Prix boasting one of the highest attendances of any event on the current calendar.

With that in mind, the circuit are looking to turn the event into a “week’s festival”, something which would likely see thousands of people setting up their tents and caravans at the start of the race week.

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Should Silverstone be successful in turning the Grand Prix into a four-day event, then it will become similar to the Australian Grand Prix, which is carried out across four days.

As done successfully in Melbourne, a four-day weekend would allow for more support races, with the Australian Grand Prix featuring Supercars, Porsche Carrera Cup and S5000 on the Thursday alone.

“We’re looking to extend the weekend,” said Stuart Pringle, the managing director of Silverstone.

“I’m working hard on Formula 1. I believe they need to change the format of the weekend. They say: ‘Oh well it’s the FIA, they’ve got to do the systems test and stuff’ – well, do them a day earlier.

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“Let’s do some stuff on Thursday. There are a lot of people who want to come and see things, and three days isn’t really enough.

“Let’s make it that big, best part of a week’s festival. People do turn up at Silverstone on a Tuesday and put the tent up, and that’s it, they’re in.”

This year’s British GP is unsurprisingly almost completely sold-out, with the only tickets remaining being the ones which’ll set you back an arm and a leg!

By switching to a four-day weekend, more fans will be allowed in, resulting in more revenue, with profit being key to the circuit’s and the Grand Prix’s survival, something which was in huge doubt prior to Liberty Media taking over the sport.

“It’s a given you’re going to sell out Sunday,” said Pringle.

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“We got to selling out Saturday a few years ago, and now Friday is all but gone as well. That’s where your profit is. And if you don’t make profit – Mr. Ecclestone – you cannot reinvest in the infrastructure.

“It is creaking and groaning, Silverstone, because the BRDC was unable to make a profit out of the grand prix for 40 years. Now, I’m pleased to say the owners of F1 take a sensible view that is it not in their interest to crush the promoter, and they recognise the BRDC invests all of its money back into the facilities.

“If we put in better facilities we get a better experience of the fans, and if it’s better for the fans, it’s better for the championship all round, and everyone is a winner.”