Brake fires hurt Aston Martin

Aston Martin has grappled with an unexpected setback as both cars experience overheating brake disc fires.

Mike Krack, the team principal of Aston Martin, has revealed that both Aston Martin cars encountered front brake fires during the initial practice session of the United States Grand Prix. 

This development casts a shadow over the team’s aspirations to maintain their fourth-place standing in the constructors’ championship.

Aston Martin, despite a strong start to the season, has faced a dry spell in recent weeks, with their last podium finishes dating back to the early part of the campaign. 

As they returned to the United States for the second time this year, the team was eager for a strong performance in Austin. 

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However, their hopes took a hit during the opening session of the weekend as car troubles plagued both of their drivers.

The first setback unfolded when Lance Stroll was forced to make an unscheduled pit stop due to overheating brake discs. 

Regrettably, he was unable to return to the track after completing only five laps.

The drama continued as Fernando Alonso, while navigating the Circuit of the Americas, had flames visibly emerging from the front left brake of his car.

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Mike Krack, with a touch of humour, initially remarked, “It was too hot, so I thought we’d stay in the garage.” 

However, he went on to explain the underlying issues, saying, “We went out. 

“We saw quite quickly we had an overheating problem on the front axle of both cars that developed into a fire on the front left on both cars.”

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The team was able to assess the extent of the damage and potential remedies. Krack noted, “We saw that Fernando’s car we could repair with two or three part changes. On Lance’s car, it was a little bit more.”

The unexpected brake fires are a major concern for Aston Martin as they attempt to secure valuable points in the constructors’ championship. 

Despite their strong start to the season, the recent series of setbacks has put their standing in the championship under pressure.