Bottas uses his bum to raise €50,000 for charity in 24 hours

Valtteri Bottas' new famous photos have raised over €50,000 for charity.

Since leaving the Mercedes F1 Team, Valtteri Bottas has re-found the speed and quality which resulted in the Silver Arrows signing him in the first place.

Bottas has instantly gelled with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team, and has been delivering impressive results so far this season.

The Finn finished sixth last weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix, putting him eighth in the drivers’ championship on 38 points.

Incredibly, Bottas is only eight points behind friend and former team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who has found the going tough in 2022.

Bottas not only appears happier on track, but most certainly off of it.

The Finnish driver became more popular amongst fans following the recent ‘Drive to Survive’ series on Netflix, which goes behind-the-scenes of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Fans loved the Finn’s personality, with a certain spa scene becoming relatively popular amongst those that follow the sport.

Since the most recent series was released, Bottas has gone a step further.

Following the Miami Grand Prix, Bottas stopped off at the American state of Colorado, to cool off.

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Bottas revealed to his Instagram followers his method of relaxing, which involved laying stark naked in a stream, with Bottas’ bum visible for the world to see.

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The photo was taken by Bottas’ partner, professional cyclist Tiffany Cromwell.

The photo was an instant hit and went viral, giving the Finn a genius idea.

In collaboration with photographer Paul Ripke, who worked with Bottas at Mercedes, the Finn offered his fans a one-day deal to buy a copy of the photograph with all the proceedings going to charity.

To Bottas’ shock, 5,000 people bought a copy of the now famous photo, equating to over €50,000 to charity in just 24 hrs.

Bottas discussed the incredible reception the photo got last Saturday in Spain, something which he doesn’t “quite get”.

“I still haven’t signed any, maybe in the autograph session tomorrow [Sunday], maybe I’ll see some,” Bottas said in Barcelona, adding that anyone who got hold of the pic was “very lucky,” Bottas said.

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“I was seeing some photos of people taking pictures, some have it in their living room or kitchen or bedroom.

“What is incredible that that’s like the power of social media. Like we got €50,000 for charity in 24 hours with a picture of somebody’s bum like this.

“It’s crazy. I don’t quite get it. But, you know, we make good,” the Finn concluded.

It’s yet to be announced if Hamilton bought a copy of the photo, with the Brit telling the media how it’s “one of the best” photo’s he’s ever seen.