Bernie Ecclestone slams 2023 Las Vegas GP

Formula 1 have been solely responsible for the promotion of this weekend's 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Ex-Formula 1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone has slammed this weekend’s highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix as having “nothing to do with F1”, with him insisting that he’s “not really looking forward to it”.

F1 will return to Sin City this weekend for the first time since 1982, when the Grand Prix used to take place in a car park.

Ecclestone was responsible for taking F1 to Las Vegas in 1981 and 1982, although both events weren’t popular due to how small the circuit was.

This weekend’s race will not be taking place in a car park but it will feature part of the iconic Vegas Strip.

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F1 have tried to make the Las Vegas GP as flashy as possible, due to the fact they are entirely responsible for the promotion themselves.

The race will become the first since the 1985 South African Grand Prix to take place on a Saturday, with it scheduled to get underway at 10pm local time.

Amongst all the excitement shared by the sport and the drivers, there have also been a number of concerns ahead of the event.

Ticket sales have faced a real struggle caused arguably by the sport themselves, as they were charging fans too much to attend.

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Prices have been slashed just days away from the Grand Prix, but interest remains minimal.

Cool temperatures are also going to be a huge issue, with the race currently forecasted to get underway at just 10-degrees Celsius.

Generating tyre heat will be virtually impossible, something which has seen the drivers admit that anything could happen.

The entire event will certainly be watched very closely because of how much effort has gone into it, although Ecclestone, just like several Vegas residents, isn’t excited about the race.

“I’m not really looking forward to it. Why not? It has nothing to do with Formula 1,” Ecclestone told Dutch publication NOS.

Las Vegas this weekend will mark F1’s first trip to the United States this season, whilst it’ll also remain on the calendar for 2024.

Next year’s calendar is currently scheduled to feature a record-breaking 24 races, thanks to the return of the Chinese Grand Prix.

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Whilst he’s not looking forward to this weekend, Ecclestone is “happy” that F1 is continuing to “develop around the world”, with him having really been responsible for getting F1 beyond Europe.

“I am happy that the sport continues to develop around the world. I am the one who brought Formula 1 out of Europe and to the rest of the world,” Ecclestone pointed out.

“We are competing for a World Championship, not a European Championship. It is good that that remains the case.”