Aston Martin warned Fernando Alonso will show his true colours amid Lance Stroll bromance

Aston Martin are currently second in the Constructors' Championship, six points ahead of their power unit supplier Mercedes.

Former Ferrari and Williams team manager Peter Windsor is convinced that Fernando Alonso’s charm towards Aston Martin will eventually “come crashing down”, with nothing being able to currently separate the duo.

Alonso’s time at the Silverstone-based team has started beautifully, with the 41-year-old having claimed four podiums from the opening five races.

His sublime form has seen the British side rise to second in the pecking order, something which they couldn’t have even dreamed of 12 months ago.

Alonso has spoken highly about his new team at every opportunity, as well as his team-mate Lance Stroll.

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It’s certainly a different approach to how he usually is, with the Spaniard over the years having been incredibly critical about the likes of Alpine and McLaren whilst he raced for them.

With that in mind, Windsor doesn’t believe the Alonso on show this season so far is the “true Alonso”, with him expecting the two-time World Champion’s relationship with Aston Martin to change drastically.

“I think he’s as good as anybody in race day,” Windsor told his YouTube stream following a question by a viewer.

“I don’t think he’s as great a qualifier as four or five other guys out there at the moment but very, very good on race day.

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“A very difficult driver politically to run in the team and you can see that already at Aston Martin, the way he’s over the top [with] comments about how good Lance is and helping Lance – none of which the true Alonso would really be interested in at all.

“You can see he’s just trying to build up a whole sort of ‘we love Fernando’ thing at Aston Martin and one day it’ll all come crashing down probably, knowing poor old Fernando.

“We’ll see how that goes [but] maybe it’ll work?

“Maybe the Stroll/Alonso tie-up is the strongest bond ever in the history of humanity…”

For Windsor, Alonso’s constant charming messages to his team are becoming “over the top”, with the ex-team manager not buying the idea that Alonso has seemingly forgotten about his and Stroll’s high-speed crash at last season’s United States Grand Prix.

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“It’s getting a little bit over the top, I think, Fernando – all these comments about Lance all the time, ingratiating [himself], the Alonso side of the garage, the whole Stroll thing,” Windsor continued.

“‘Who is Lance racing with? That was a great pass into Turn 1!’

“That’s a bit over the top, I think, bearing in mind Lance was the guy that took him out in Austin last year.”