Aston Martin team boss comments on upcoming Ferrari upgrades

Aston Martin continue their surge towards the top - but will pending upgrades for Ferrari and Mercedes put them under threat?

Team principal Mike Krack is staying cool, calm, and collected as Aston Martin continue to surpass the depleted Mercedes outfit and the wounded Scuderia.

Aston Martin sits in second place in the constructors’ championship with 102 points as Mercedes and Ferrari trail with 96 and 78.

Such poor form is unacceptable for the F1 giants and it is no surprise upgrades are imminent. However, Mike Krack is largely unconcerned.

“We’re not really observing too much what is their situation, where do they come from or what do they do next,” he said after the 2023 Miami GP.

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“We do our thing, we have our plan and it will not change so much if one of the other teams brings upgrades every race.

“Our plan cannot change because, otherwise, we are always reactive. It is important that you define yourself, put the roadmap in place, define what you need and you follow it, and obviously you need to react left and right depending on how the development goes.

“But you should not get too much taken away by what the others are doing.

“We’re pushing quite hard on the developments, and we’re quite confident that for the next events, the difference will not be too big as the development race goes on. But then what comes after say mid-season, we cannot say at this stage because we have to see who has spent how much and where you are at that stage.”

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Ferrari still have pace

Regardless of words, pending upgrades could greatly turn the tide this season. Ferrari have shown serious pace, albeit an edgy car.

If Charles Leclerc can regain composure and find his form, the Scuderia outfit will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

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Krack has claimed the Ferraris have “been fast from the first race”, suggesting competition will strengthen.

For Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has shown glimpses of his old self.

The Briton finished the Australian GP in second behind Max Verstappen. But teammate George Russell will be eager to get his first podium of the season and improve his position in the championship.

He finds himself trailing Hamilton this year, down in sixth place with 40 points.