Aston Martin bring major upgrade package to 2023 Canada GP

Aston Martin have introduced a new floor, shark fin and sidepod to improve their aerodynamic performance.

After an impressive start to the season, Aston Martin has recently faced setbacks as Mercedes and Ferrari surged into contention with their upgrades. 

However, the upcoming race in Montreal presents an opportunity for the Silverstone-based team to stage a comeback.

Aston Martin has introduced a substantial upgrade to their new floor, signifying extensive changes beneath the surface. 

The front floor edge now incorporates multiple gurneys and up-washing elements, aimed at enhancing flow expansion and improving control around corners by generating local load and driving outwash from beneath the front floor.

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The rear floor edge features a prominent bump, which could potentially accommodate an ice-skate device similar to the one used by Red Bull last year. 

This device adds vorticity to the diffuser, or it could serve to merge the rear floor edge vortex with the primary floor vortex. 

Additionally, the rear floor boasts an up-washing flick positioned in front of the rear tyre.

In the realm of shark fin development, which has seen relatively straightforward progress under the 2022 regulations, Aston Martin’s engineers have devised a novel design. 

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The sharper shark fin is a yaw-sensitive device, meaning its characteristics change with yaw. 

The vortex generated by the fin aims to suppress cooling and cockpit losses, thereby improving the efficiency of the rear wing. 

The asymmetric effects resulting from the nature of the vortex offer further performance gains.

Aston Martin has also focused on sidepod upgrades for their AMR23. The team is known for its aggressive waterslides, which deliver high-energy air to the rear of the car, making it less sensitive to yaw by utilising the tunnel and sidewall. 

The waterslides have been made narrower and shifted further rearwards, while their exit point remains largely unchanged.

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By comparing the front view of the AMR23 with Red Bull’s RB19, it is evident that Aston Martin has drawn inspiration from the Milton Keynes outfit to refine their undercut design. 

This evolution aims to create a seamless transition that extends rearwards. 

Red Bull’s innovative flow visualisation technique has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in delivering air to crucial areas at the rear of the car, such as the diffuser and the gap between the tyre and the diffuser, which are significant performance zones.