Aston Martin break silence as Lance Stroll faces FIA action

Lance Stroll sparked controversy and criticism in Qatar, amid question marks over his commitment to Formula 1.

Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, has stepped up to defend the embattled Formula 1 driver, Lance Stroll, amid growing speculation about his future within his father’s F1 team. 

The 24-year-old Canadian driver recently found himself in a precarious position with the FIA following incidents during the Qatar Grand Prix weekend.

Rumours abound that Stroll’s discussions with the FIA compliance officer this week are centred around his contentious actions. 

These actions reportedly involve an aggressive altercation with trainer Henry Howe after a qualifying session, and potential post-race comments disparaging F1 stewards. 

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However, Krack has come to Stroll’s aid, emphasising that the driver’s actions were primarily fuelled by frustration.

In a candid statement to Auto Motor und Sport, Krack sought to shed light on the situation: “When a soccer player is substituted, he doesn’t give the coach a high-five – he throws the jersey or the water bottle around.” 

He framed Stroll’s actions as a manifestation of frustration, rather than misconduct.

Krack further argued that the public and media’s harsh criticism of Stroll’s emotional reactions is unwarranted. 

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He stressed the need for athletes to express their emotions and believed that the judgment passed upon them is often excessive. 

“We want emotions from athletes,” Krack asserted. 

“But when they show some, we’re quick to judge.

“It goes too far when ten people sitting on the sofa or in an air-conditioned room say that you can’t behave like that.”

In an effort to foster a more empathetic perspective, Krack implored for respect towards athletes in high-pressure environments. 

He acknowledged the need to discuss such incidents with the driver but urged that they be viewed in the context of the intense moments that characterise Formula 1 racing. 

“After you’ve slept on it for a night, you look at it again, discuss it, and then the world looks different again,” Krack added, highlighting the importance of reflection.

While addressing Stroll’s recent performance alongside his teammate Fernando Alonso, Krack acknowledged a noticeable disparity. 

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He commented, “He was significantly closer to Fernando at the beginning of the season.” 

Krack pointed to the possibility that the car’s development throughout the season may have played a role in Stroll’s struggles. 

“We have to understand that,” he said, hinting at suspicions within the team regarding the car’s development and performance dynamics.