Aston Martin boss responds to Fernando Alonso’s ‘easy excuse’

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has refuted Fernando Alonso’s reasoning for their drop in performance.

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has dismissed two-time champion Fernando Alonso’s assertions that a change in Pirelli’s tire construction is the reason behind the team’s recent dip in performance, considering it an “easy excuse.” 

Aston Martin began the season as the second-fastest team behind Red Bull. 

However, since the changes in tire construction were implemented, Alonso and his teammate Lance Stroll have found themselves facing stiffer competition from Ferrari, falling behind both Mercedes and McLaren.

During the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alonso suggested that the new tire construction had adversely affected both Aston Martin and Red Bull. 

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However, speaking to media ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Krack expressed his reservations about such claims and emphasised the tires were a safety measure, affecting all teams equally.

“That would be an easy excuse,” Krack said.

“We see there is a little difference with these tires, but they were brought for safety, and so from that point of view, everybody has to run them and are the same for everybody.”

“We should not use this as an excuse for competitiveness because they are the same tires we have to use going forward. 

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“It’s about learning as much as possible about them and moving on. It would be too easy to say it is the tires.”

Alonso had identified the Hungaroring, along with two other races, as potential events where Aston Martin could secure a victory due to the track’s characteristics.

However, the team’s performance fell short of expectations as they finished ninth and tenth during the race weekend. 

Asked about the disparity between Alonso’s optimistic forecast and the actual finishing position, Krack explained the changing dynamics of competitiveness within the sport.

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“At the time Fernando was saying that, the situation was different in terms of competitiveness. 

“In the meantime, other teams have caught up and brought performance to their cars, which we didn’t manage. 

“That is the main reason why we fell back and why we were slower than we were hoping we were,” Krack clarified.