Aston Martin boss on Fernando Alonso being a trouble-maker

Fernando Alonso's collaboration with Aston Martin has proved successful despite the driver having a reputation for being challenging to manage.

In a surprising turn of events, Fernando Alonso’s integration into Aston Martin has defied speculation about his notorious reputation for being a difficult driver to manage. 

The dynamic between Alonso and Mike Krack, the team principal at Aston Martin, seems to transcend conventional management challenges, as their collaborative efforts take centre stage in the current Formula One season.

Alonso’s journey with Aston Martin began at the start of this season, after what was reported to be his dissatisfaction with Alpine’s one-year contract offer. 

This move caught his 2022 team boss, Otmar Szafnauer, off-guard, especially given that it coincided with Sebastian Vettel’s decision to leave the team. 

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Despite skepticism from pundits who questioned the rationale behind the move, Alonso and Aston Martin have emerged as the standout performers in the initial phase of the season.

With an impressive record of six podium finishes in the first eight races, Alonso and his new team established themselves as formidable contenders. 

The camaraderie was evident, with celebratory moments and encouraging gestures exchanged between the two-time World Champion and his teammates. 

However, recent races have seen a decrease in their dominant presence, prompting speculation about the reasons behind the shift.

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Factors such as developmental challenges, adjustments to the Pirelli tires as suggested by Alonso, and alterations in the front wing build due to FIA regulations have potentially contributed to the recent dip in performance. 

Despite these setbacks, Alonso’s best placements in the past four grand prix events have been two fifth-place finishes. 

Notably, Formula One veteran Peter Windsor raised concerns about the possibility of a future downfall, expressing thoughts about Alonso’s history of facing difficulties.

Yet, Mike Krack remains steadfast in his belief that Alonso’s reputation for being tough to manage has not manifested in their interactions. 

In a recent interview with, Krack emphasised the harmony in their working relationship, stating, “I don’t think we need to manage each other, because he’s a team member, like all of us are.” 

Krack highlighted the transparent and open nature of their collaboration, aiming to maintain a balanced approach to their partnership.

Krack further elaborated, “And this has worked quite well so far. 

“The collaboration has been fantastic, all the time.” 

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He acknowledged Alonso’s profound understanding of the car’s weaknesses, leading to joint decision-making and proactive problem-solving. 

Krack emphasised the value of involving Alonso’s wealth of experience and perspective, which has contributed positively to the team’s dynamics.

After a strong start to the season, Aston Martin has begun to come under pressure from Mercedes in the Constructors’ Standings, as the two teams battle for P2.