Alonso fires accusation at Formula 1 as he backs Verstappen

Two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso believes it would be unfair if a driver salary cap were to be introduced.

With costs rising across the world, the Formula 1 paddock has been put under enormous strain to remain within the current budget cap.

With inflation hitting every corner of the world in every aspect, some teams have asked the FIA to increase this season’s budget cap, otherwise teams may miss the final rounds of the season.

Red Bull Racing have been the team to speak out most about the ongoing financial struggles that the paddock faces, with it being Christian Horner who warned that some teams won’t be able to afford to participate in some races.

One idea that has been raised to reduce teams costs is a driver salary cap, something which has caused anger amongst drivers.

A drivers salary is not part of the budget cap, meaning that should a driver salary cap be introduced it would purely be to benefit the teams, not the drivers.

Max Verstappen’s manager Raymond Vermeulen has called any proposed driver salary cap “illegal”, with Fernando Alonso also believing that it’s unnecessary.

The double World Champion believes that it would be “taking advantage” of drivers, should a cap on their wage be introduced.

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“I don’t think that’s necessary,” the Alpine F1 Team driver insisted.

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“Drivers have always been left out in this area and drivers are increasingly used to promote Formula 1.

“They are asking more and more of us and they are taking advantage of that.”

Verstappen’s manager mentioned that drivers are used to promote the sport in an earlier interview with De Telegraaf, echoing Alonso’s point.

Vermeulen used the reigning World Champion as his example.

“Take a look at the facts,” urged Vermeulen.

“A grand prix came to the Netherlands thanks to Max. Zandvoort pays an annual amount to FOM to organise the race, a large part of which is divided among the teams. So they benefit from that.

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“It would then be very strange if you were to limit only the driver’s earnings model.”

Vermeulen went on to call the idea “total idiocy”, and that it would be a “bad idea for the sport”.

Red Bull are supporting Verstappen over his anti-driver salary cap approach, but it’s yet to be seen if Alpine will announce their support for Alonso over the matter.