Adrian Newey’s Future: Speculation of Ferrari Deal Amid Red Bull Exit

Newey reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with changes at Red Bull following Dietrich Mateschitz's death.

A month and a half after Adrian Newey announced his departure from Red Bull, speculation abounds regarding the legendary designer’s future.

Reports suggest he signed a lucrative deal with Ferrari as early as last April.

Following the announcement, experts in Miami discussed Newey’s decision, which he initially attributed to a need for a physical and mental break from the intense Formula 1 environment.

Later, Newey hinted that despite wanting to “cruise for a while,” he wasn’t entirely done with F1, as his passion for the sport remained strong after over four decades.

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Newey’s past negotiations with Ferrari are well-documented, with him almost joining the Italian team twice during his 18 years with Red Bull.

Many in the F1 community believe that the 65-year-old will eventually work for Ferrari, possibly as a highly-paid consultant.

BusinessF1, a magazine known for uncovering secrets within the paddock, reported a detailed account of a deal facilitated by Newey’s friend and manager, Eddie Jordan.

According to the magazine, the agreement was finalized with Ferrari executives in London on April 29, just two days before Newey’s departure from Red Bull was announced.

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The British magazine claims that Newey signed a three-year contract with Ferrari, from 2025 to 2027, with a retainer of $105 million.

He would also pay Jordan $5 million for managing his interests.

BusinessF1 also suggests that Newey’s F1 contract was with the Mateschitz family, rather than Red Bull Technology Group, raising questions about his employment status and the terms of his gardening leave.

Newey reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with changes at Red Bull following Dietrich Mateschitz’s death.

He allegedly wrote to Mark Mateschitz, criticizing team principal Christian Horner’s behavior and the loss of the family spirit within the team.

However, Eddie Jordan has emphatically denied any deal with Ferrari.

Speaking on David Coulthard’s Formula for Success podcast, Jordan refuted claims made by the Daily Mail, asserting, “I’m not giving any information away, at no stage is any of this kind of discussion happening [with Ferrari].

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There will be talks, and there is going to be ongoing talks, because we have yet to decide what Adrian himself wants to do.”

As rumors persist, the silence from the involved parties speaks volumes in a sport rife with speculation.

Meanwhile, experts and fans are left to speculate, much like conspiracy theorists at a backmarker’s motorhome.