Adrian Newey admits huge Lewis Hamilton ‘regret’

Lewis Hamilton had a titanic battle with Max Verstappen for the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship.

Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer at Red Bull Racing, has candidly revealed that not having the opportunity to work with Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton is one of his career “regrets.” 

Newey, who joined Red Bull in 2006 and played a pivotal role in the team’s championship success, acknowledged that he holds a tinge of remorse for never collaborating with Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, or the iconic Scuderia Ferrari.

During a recent interview on the ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast, Newey, known for his unparalleled engineering prowess, opened up about his career and shared insights into his aspirations and experiences in Formula 1.

Newey’s illustrious career in Formula 1 includes successful stints with Williams and McLaren, culminating in championship victories. 

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However, he expressed a sense of longing for the missed opportunity to work with Hamilton and Alonso.

“My discussions in 2014 with Ferrari were purely out of frustration,” Newey disclosed. 

“I really didn’t want to leave but we were in this position where Renault hadn’t produced a competitive turbo hybrid engine. 

“That happens in the first year, OK, new rules. 

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“We all make mistakes.”

Newey explained that his discussions with Ferrari in 2014 were an attempt to address the challenges faced at Red Bull due to engine issues. 

He recalled a meeting with Carlos Ghosn, the former CEO of Renault, to seek increased financial support for the team. However, Ghosn’s response was disheartening.

“Ghosn’s reply was ‘Well, I have no interest in Formula 1. 

“I’m only in it because my marketing people say I should be.’ 

“That was such a depressing place to be,” Newey remarked.

When questioned about his feelings of regret regarding the opportunity to work for Ferrari, Newey admitted, “Emotionally, I guess, to a point. 

“Yes. But just as, for instance, working with Fernando and Lewis would have been fabulous. 

“But it never happened.

“ It’s just circumstance sometimes, that’s the way it is.”

Despite the missed opportunities, Newey acknowledged that circumstances in Formula 1 can dictate the course of one’s career. 

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Hamilton, now in his late thirties, and Alonso, in his forties, have both committed to long-term contracts with their respective teams, Mercedes and Aston Martin, making the prospect of working together in the future highly unlikely.

Newey himself signed renewed terms with Red Bull earlier this year, further solidifying his enduring partnership with the team. 

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, described the extension as “inevitable” after their 18-year collaboration.