Zak Brown makes huge Lando Norris claim

Lando Norris is approaching his fifth season in Formula 1, despite being only 23 years old.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown has hailed Lando Norris as a “natural talent” that is “as good as anyone on the grid” today, with the 23-year-old having cemented his place in Formula 1 superbly since his debut in 2019.

Very few drivers adjust to F1 as well as Norris did, with the British driver having had the additional pressure of racing for one of the most historic teams on the grid.

This pressure seemingly never got to Norris; at least he didn’t show it, with him having been a consistent points finisher from day one.

Since his rookie season in 2019, he’s gone on to claim six podiums and one pole position, despite driving for a midfield team.

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He’s proven that he’s comfortably the strongest driver in the midfield and is arguably deserving of a seat that can give him the chance to fight for victories, with the likelihood being that he’d achieve just that if given the chance.

Some have tipped Norris to move elsewhere once his contract with McLaren expires at the end of 2025; however, his next move will likely depend on when Lewis Hamilton decides to retire.

Hamilton retiring could start a string of moves at the top, with former Ferrari manager Peter Windsor believing that Toto Wolff would push for Charles Leclerc, opening up a potential seat at the Italians for Norris.

Mercedes could also be an option for Norris given their relationship with McLaren, whom they supply engines to.

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There is no doubt that Norris is exceptionally talented, with Brown having likened him to former McLaren driver Fernando Alonso, with the two having partnered each other in the 2018 Daytona 24 Hours.

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“I think he is as good as anyone on the grid and I’ve felt that from day one when I put him against Fernando in the 24 Hours of Daytona, foreign car, foreign track,” Brown told ESPN.

“I think Fernando is as good as any F1 driver there’s every been… and Lando matches him, and depending on what time of day it was, maybe he even got him a little bit, and vice versa.

“You see that natural talent. You do get some drivers who are a one-make discipline and you throw them in a unique situation and they don’t get up to speed as quickly.”