Yuki Tsunoda pokes fun at Pierre Gasly after Red Bull split

Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly were team-mates at Scuderia AlphaTauri for two years.

Being a Formula 1 driver is an intense career, there is no hiding that; however, a large part of why the job is so strenuous is because of what happens before the season even gets underway. Gym sessions.

Whilst some people across the world love training in the gym four or five times a week, they are able to control how intense their session is, something an F1 driver is unable to do.

Formula 1 drivers have personal trainers to ensure that they are training both correctly, in regard to muscle groups, but also at the right level, with insufficient preparation resulting in weaker on-track performance.

A F1 driver can’t go to the gym for a light walk on the treadmill, much to Yuki Tsunoda’s displeasure!

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Tsunoda has revealed that he really doesn’t like the gym, to the point where his sessions always feel like a “bad day”.

Despite his hate of working out, though, the Japanese driver discovered the hard way why it’s so important.

“The day I have a gym session, it feels like I’m just having a bad day,” Tsunoda told The Race.

“As soon as I went into more physically demanding tracks and also hotter track conditions, I felt like I’m not enough,” he said.

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“I needed to work harder.

“I realised quite late that I had to improve. I thought at certain points before the season started that I was doing enough,” Tsunoda said.

Tsunoda has been putting in the work over the winter, with the AlphaTauri driver being in need of a very good 2023 campaign, his third in the sport.

He also has a new team-mate alongside him in Nyck de Vries, meaning Tsunoda will have a great opportunity to make his name really known on the grid, following the departure of the incredibly consistent Pierre Gasly.

Going into the new season, Tsunoda is happy with his current physique despite still not liking the gym; however, he does have some motivation nowadays to get up in the morning and train.

“I still don’t like gym sessions. I don’t like the smell of the gym, I don’t like the equipment, I don’t like everything,” the Japanese driver continued.

“I know the gym helps a lot to increase my performance. Of course, I really don’t like it. But what I felt last year and experienced last year motivates me at least a little bit to train.

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“I progressed quite a lot, in terms of the physical side, mentality and driving side, every race.” Tsunoda revealed.

“I am quite happy with the shape I am in right now. It was a big shame that I could not show it with results like last year.”

The young driver re-shared a photo on Instagram showing an encounter with a ‘fan’ during a training session, which was actually a picture of him with his former French team-mate, with a comment above the image which read: “I love my fans”.